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Modern Warfare 2 iPhone App!

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

The Modern Warfare 2 iPhone has just hit the iTunes store, it features birds-eye view images of maps, great for scoping out the best vantage points and spots, a checklist for keeping track of your unlocks and challanges, weapon information and much more!

The next update is going to include scrollable, zoomable, multiplayer maps as well.

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Modern Warfare 2 alien terrorist mode?

October 24, 2009 90 comments

Hey readers,

First, I suggest you to visit the post about Modern Warfare 2 Zombies mode here

Well, this all time i have been reading and hearing that will be an Alien Terrrorist mode on Modern Warfare 2. I think that is going to be like the nazi zombies, with the only difference the aliens. I have heard many people saying that they prefer nazi zombies(my opinion that gets boring). We want something different than before, something more difficult and cool! 

Call Of Duty  World at war was about the second world war. The guns and the weapons were from the SWW. The new cod6 is a game with all the modern warfare things, new guns, weapons, attachments e.t.c. So i dont think will be nazi zombies on MW2.(somebody says)

Now it is the time to write what do you thing and what you prefer. Please share with us your opinions and thoughts. I uploaded this photo of how i imagine the alien mode on modern warfare 2!


No more zombies (confirmed by infinity ward)

September 7, 2009 38 comments

Hello people,

Is this picture a real one?  This picture has been uploaded on Infinity Ward-Modern Warfare 2 Discussion Forums. And famous people of cod series discuss it and said that is a really one. The image says: While Infinity Ward wont be adding zombies into the mix and the campaign. By saying mix, did they also mean online mode?

Some people are talking of alien terrorist mode. I made a post about it. You can see it by clicking here Modern Warfare 2 Alien Terrorist Mode . Well, i think the only one that is 80% sure is No More Zobies.

Check out the picture below (Copyright, Infinity Ward)


Modern Warfare 2 – Speed painting by Sean McCoy!

August 16, 2009 6 comments

Hey readers,

This a new video released showing how the modern warfare 2 boxart is been made! That is a wonderful show of painting skills on a pc programm! Check the video below.

New multiplayer video is going to be released soon!

August 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Hey people,

Fourzerotwo(Robert Bowling) has written some topics on the modern warfare 2, infinity ward forums. In the first tell us how gaming magazines are going to be revealing the Special Ops (MW2 co-op) mode in their next issues. Also how another Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer video is very close to being released.

The long lead press I’ve been doing the past week (print magazines) was mostly focused on Special Ops. Explaining how it works, going in depth on just how big it is. So you should be seeing that press hitting towards the end of this month, start of next month.

Then it’s Multiplayers big time to shine in the press. Even before that though, we’ll be releasing some more multiplayer videos to tide you over until the big MP press time.

I had hoped to do another MP video by now, but our video crew got side tracked with some in-game stuff that took priority though. 

So it looks like a lot of multiplayer info will be released next month! In another post Modern Warfare 2’s Robert Bowling again talked a bit more about the multiplayer. Also how the he plans to not reveal anymore on the single player aspect of Modern Warfare 2.

I agree. It’s frustrating. I too want to flood the forums with info and videos.”

We don’t plan on sharing much more on the single-player, and I think the majority of you are in agreement that the majority of the story should be kept under wraps so it’s even more impactful the first time you play it.

Trust me, there are some HUGE moments you don’t want ruined.

As for multiplayer, again. We don’t want to give EVERYTHING away, because it’s more fun to discover that stuff yourself, the first time you play. However, we do plan on revealing a quite a bit more before launch.

More MP videos are coming and we hope to have a big MP press day before launch as well. So don’t worry, those who want info will definitely be getting some well before launch

Thanks to,  for sharing this post with us.

No Beta Announcement at Games Convention in Germany

August 16, 2009 7 comments

It has been confirmed by Fourzerotwo in the infinity award forums that there will be no beta announcement for now.

There will be no beta announcement at Games Convention in Germany. The only reason I’ve decided not to attend is due to the amount of work I’d like to get done here at the studio, things that would have been delayed even further if I was out of the country for a week.

Things like the frequency at which we release multiplayer videos, more screenshots for press, and planning for some upcoming events.

Dont give up hope Call of Duty fans there could still be a beta even with this news.

Infnity ward forums-Fourzerotwo

Modern Warfare 2: Beta info

August 14, 2009 10 comments

mw2multiplayerThe Leipzig Games Convention will be going on August 17th – 19th and it was 2 years ago at the same convention that Infinity Ward released information about the Call of Duty 4 Beta. Xboxic seems to think Infinity Ward will play the same card for Modern Warfare 2.

Community Manager, Robert Bowling is confirmed to be attending this years event. The Beta is rumored to start on September 10th and end in October. The rumor also tells us that there will be a beta sign up on and anyone that has ordered the Prestige Edition of the game will get a Beta code automatically.